Most internet providers give you very little bandwidth. Our systems can really help transform your existing internet speed (up load and down speeds ) , allowing you to connect more devices to your home or office network without effecting the performance per user. Yes its true we can speed up your existing broadband in some cases doubling your speed. Most people are using there free give away router. Check your speed now click here.

How can we make your existing broadband SUPER FAST?

We use our own in house technology that will dramatically improve your broadband upload and down load speeds, no matter who your currant provider is TalkTalk,Plus Net,Sky,EE,BT.

Our internet solution will be half the price your already paying, also we guarantee stable and reliable performance always. We use RedRocketBroadband to supply high speed broadband to all out city and rural customers.

Over the years we have found that a typical home has at least 2x smart phones,1x ipad, 2x computers, 3x lcd smart televisions, 1x sky box, hive heating controls and voice activated speakers (not counting amazon fire sticks). All this is running through a small basic router that's very limited and positioned in the least optimized area of your home or business. Also the way your network is running is just plug & play and hope for the best. Our mega fast network routers have high speed LAN ports and auto maintain allowing your internet to get refreshed daily.

Your existing router has a Mac address another reason why we use our own routers as we program them not the provider ?

"Don't put up with slow internet any more"

This means a small family can have at least 10 plus devices connected to your internet router.

Most existing routers are either in the wrong place or sitting behind a sofa, which means that your router is not optimized for your property.


Buzz Engineers have extensive experience installing and upgrading wifi / broadband networks. Our engineers measure and verify your existing broadband speed and come up with a viable solution to improve your system. Most older systems end up getting re-wired and new network switches and routers replaced. We can also advise you on what speeds your meant to access from your home or business. Our broadband-wifi-networks absolutely fly once installed. We are also happy to fault find your existing system to get rid of any unwanted bugs. Our guys will show you how to save vast amounts of money on your broadband bills.


In most cases these jobs can be complete within 2-3 hours.


We offer a free estimate for each job and we offer a fixed price so you will know the exact price before we lift a finger.


All our parts have a manufacturers guarantee, which is in some cases 3 years. We also offer free on going help and advice to all our customers.

(most other companies charge a call out fee every time they re-visit you)

Our mission is to have a happy customer who will be happy to share our business details with their friends or family. Most of our work has been created via word of mouth so its in our interest to do the best job possible.

"So next time you need help remember Buzz Engineers"

"Buzz Engineers will install your new super fast home/office network"

We fully recommend RedRocketRouters supper fast gigabit connections for you home or office networks. Stream Netflix,Fire and sticks,also multi other devices at the same time.

"If there is a cost effective way the Buzz Engineers will find it"

Buzz Engineers have some tricks of the trade to help you speed up your existing broadband.

We have in house technology that we can bolt on to your existing broadband router to speed up and improve your bandwidth.

Does your business have card machines that rely on the internet or wifi ?

Does your business have computers or tils that rely on the internet ?

Could your business operate without the internet ?

If your business needs a 100% reliable internet connection to function then Buzz Engineers can help you make your existing internet 100% reliable and faster yes faster !

Don't wait for a staff melt down on a busy weekend to decide to call us do it now so this never happens.

We will make your internet fail safe,faster and 100% reliable even if your router completely crashed.


Our wifi systems extend without loosing signal, we also have a wire free solution.

Please do not install these wifi extenders that work via plug sockets, these cheep plugs cause bottle necking and reduce your bandwidth.

We are now approved installers for RR SONIC products.


Free 5 years warranty