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Buzz engineers have extensive knowledge and a proven track record designing and installing the very latest CCTV camera technology, we have over 25-year experience. From standard domestic jobs to large commercial sites we have done it all, Our new CCTV camera systems can be monitored and controlled by your smartphone or tablet.

We can show you a live demo of our latest high definition, night vision cameras systems.

We also upgrade and repair existing CCTV camera systems.

In most cases, we can re-use your existing wiring and cameras

View your cameras remotely from any location in the world.


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CCTV camera installer

5 years warranty and free ongoing support for all new CCTV camera systems

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Our new wifi cameras can move in any direction, all from your mobile phone, viewing your CCTV cameras from any computer in your building can be a real benefit for staff and owners. The new CCTV cameras are basically fantastic you can talk through them, set off in-built alarms flashlights all built into the new camera's head. These new cameras make most alarm systems redundant. 

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 Once your wifi cameras are setup you can view on your phone or pc,you can also play back recordings via SD CARD.

One thing to remember all wifi cameras need power so when thinking you might install on a roof or at the top of a window make sure you have a way to get local power.

You can install one camera or many some customers just sit them at a window so they can see there cars or front door.

If your going to have more than one,take our advice and install a 1 tb hard drive this will sit on your home network and allow you to record directly on to a local hard drive. 

This acts like a private cloud that only you can access.

cctv software included

View your alarm status direct on your phone or tablet!

Yes you can view your home or business cameras on your phone or tablet

Engineers we recommend 

Upgrade your existing cctv cameras for our latest cctv camera technology. We can even use your existing cables.

All our cctv systems/alarm systems integrate with each other making your home security equipment stress free and user friendly!

View your cctv on any new smart television

We will build your private cctv camera network.

Making a smart network even smarter.

"Buzz Engineers just got smarter"