Business support

Buzz engineers hospitality and Business support service.

Tel: 0131 660 9422 Mon-Sun 7am to 8pm

Going the extra mile for your business

If your business ever needs help with any of the following We would be more than happy to assist you:

· Telephone lines & phone systems

· Television faults & onsite repairs

· Television systems & Ip-tv systems

· CCTV camera systems (including footage recovery for the police)

· Data & broadband networks (Slow internet?) (Expensive broadband?)

· Electrical including fault finding, lighting ect

· Our backup broadband solution is used to fail-safe card machines including your front desk computer (in the event of your broadband or router crashing)

We will help you better under stand your own systems.

We currently assist Best Western, Innkeepers, Specialty hotels, and many other well-known businesses. We offer a unique rapid response service . Our prices are very fair - No Call out charge - Free Estimates.

We understand how quickly maintenance jobs can mount up, especially over a busy weekend, and how overloaded the maintenance staff can sometimes be.

Under staffed ? Staff of ill ? Staff on holidays ?

Is your maintenance staff needing some help ?

We can even change light bulbs :@)

We are here to help you, as and when you require us!

We are also available to take out of hours phone calls from your staff, anytime they need advice or assistance.


Tel : 0131 660 9422

Keeping your business operational all year round

We are one of only a few company's that will give you a loan of parts to keep your business running smooth until the problem is resolved.

Thank you to all the businesses that use Buzz Engineers, we will always go the extra mile to keep your business trading.