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Buzz engineers business & home IT support service.

Commercial & Domestic

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Going the extra mile for you

If your business or home ever needs help with any of the following. We would be more than happy to assist you:

  • Telephone lines & phone systems television systems & IPTV amazon fire stick setup

  • Modern 2020 CCTV camera systems with remote access via phones/pads

  • Cat5 & broadband networks (Slow internet?) (Expensive, slow broadband?)

  • Electrical fault finding / lighting / New Sockets

  • High Speed 4G internet rural broadband solutions

We will help you simplify your home or business networks.

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Tel : 0131 660 9422

Keeping your business operational all year round

We are one of only a few companies that will give you a loan of parts to keep your home or business internet connection live