Smart home design


 "Buzz Engineers just got smarter"

We have extensive knowledge in this field. Homes now have the likes off: smart plug, smart speaker, hive heating system, siri, voice-activated lights, ipads, smartphones, home alarm systems, home CCTV cameras, smart fridges, intelligent washing machines, ring doorbells, nest cameras and your smart television and the list goes on.

The list of smart devices is now endless. We have designed a modern smart home/office system that delivers high-speed internet and a smooth, reliable network.

 Connections between all your devices in any part of your building will be effortless, multiple users can view Net Flix Amazon fire sticks and other devices simultaneously. 

                         "Your home and business is already trying to become a smart home"

     RRSonic smart home equipment



YES Buzz Engineers will create a central location for all your media to live, together with your full broadband and phone system. The same location will distribute your high speed broadband signals to each part of your home-office to create a fast broadband speed in each room, including basements, lofts, garages and any out buildings.

Our systems use the RRSONIC kit, allowing high speed internet connections to each room, either hard wired or wireless. Most smart televisions have an internet hard wired socket so we fully recommend using this facility rather than wifi. 

Hive, Nest and most other smart home apps require a smooth flowing network, another reason to give us a call. 

"Buzz Engineers design and install"