Buzz Engineers can speed up your existing internet today !

"You will see the before and after speed your self and wonder why you never called us sooner"

Slow internet ?

Your router keeps flashing ?

Fed up watching a spinning wheel ?

Buffering internet ?

Your internet signal drops off ?

Poor wifi ?

Fed up re-booting your internet ?

Your paying for a landline you don't even use ? Your also being billed for extremely slow broadband speed's. We have the best solution possible that's around £12 per month and its supper fast, for broadband only nothing to do with landlines or paying for something you will never use. We know people who were paying for phone lines and they never even had a phone in the socket, why waste money call us today.


Tel : 0131 660 9422

We aim for a same day service if you call in the morning.

Yes we can now speed up your internet and improve the reliability


Tel : 0131 660 9422

We can now offer Construction site broadband with zero contract pay as you use. Free site survey included.

The routers,switches and 4G antennas we fully recommend are supplied by RRSONIC:


What do i need to get fast internet ?

This is very simple you need to buy a new router and a new network switch. We use RRSONIC this company makes internet equipment for Gamers, hence the supper fast internet connections between router and switch. When it comes to broadband we know what were talking about.