previous projects

I have been lucky enough to work on some interesting projects, gained lots of experience,enjoyed every second.

So when it comes to hiding wires and dealing with the challenge of thick walls i think your in good hands.

Installed the latest ip cctv system wifi and 4G broadband the arrow is pointing at the 4G RR SONIC antenna discrete installation.

This historic building now has fantastic broadband signals thanks to some smart networking, cat5 and two RR SONIC 4G antennas the hole building now has great coverage and faster internet.

The above building has very thick walls and i have managed to get some great internet coverage, also up graded some of the tv system.

This project was also a challenge due the the size of the building and again meter thick walls,Installed smart wiring for the telephones, broadband, wifi and cctv for the previous owners.

This mews house was an interesting project, its now got full smart wiring, ip cctv system a new pbx phone system and a full digital tv system.

This was another interesting project,due the challenging size of the building and the thick walls, however we now have a great cctv system installed .

Installed new smart wiring hubs and connected up all the media tv, wifi, ip cctv

We installed a smart wire ip cctv system and helped improve the wifi coverage in the main house

We installed a new tv aerial in the tower for local digital channels

We installed a new ip cctv system and helped improve wifi and internet speeds

We installed a full ip cctv system and have assisted the maintenance team with the tv system and other tech

Installed new ip cameras and hard drives via Hutchinson networks

Helped the Elbario team over the years with all types of small projects

Installed a complete digital tv system,wifi & ip cctv cameras also helped with other interesting projects around the estate

Installed a new ip cctv system for Mitsubishi Pencils put cameras round the hole estate

Installed a new cctv camera system introduced some wifi cameras and a new gate camera with auto zoom and improved number number plate recognition inc new pc software.

Installed a wifi ptz to look at the main gate

Installed a new digital aerial and repaired a telephone line

Installed a new FreeSat system and repaired the broadband

Installed a high end cctv system and digital television system for the previous owners

Installed a digital tv system and cat5 wiring

Installed a digital television system and improved wifi signals

Repaired television system and re-tuned televisions

Setup wifi and 4G broadband for there building sites also site security cameras @Archerfeild estate

Installed a full ip cctv system,fixed the wifi and all the credit card machines.

The above building is Rankin house in MK this was a full installation of ip cameras with full remote access.

Installed ip cameras all round the business park in MK inc, Rankin house and Mitsubishi pencils.

Installed cat wiring for there networks and installed a few internal screens for the stock market.

Installed a satellite system to provide digital radio for the shopping centre

Worked on several interesting project with Hutchinson Networks

Installed a digital television system and fixed all the wifi for the previous owners

Below is some of our over seas projects

Was a real pleasure to be offered the opportunity to work on the Dodowa district Hospital project in Ghana

I installed a modern ip cctv camera system covering the entire hospital.

This project was amazing being part of something for the greater good.

I installed a wifi system and setup a tv system so the customer could watch uk tv channels in Thailand

this was using sling box technology. 15 hours flyt from Edinburgh dedicated to my customers.

This was in Germany installed a new ip cctv system with some extra wifi cameras

This job was also in Germany installed a new wifi system that covers the hole grounds and installed a modern ip cctv system