CCTV camera systems

Farm Yard camera systems have come a long way thanks to modern technology, we can now deliver a very cost effective solution that will allow your farmhouse to connect to the rest of the farm. 

Check your livestock from your kitchen table. 

 These systems are ideal for lambing or calving time, also if you have a sick beast you can keep a watch full eye from your armchair.

 We can set up multi-user accounts so family members or friends can help monitor the cameras from their house to assist you. 

Farms in Scotland are getting smarter buy the day.

Control your farm yard cctv cameras from your phone-ipad-office computer-farm house television.

 Total control, time saving and something you will not do without. Our new modern cctv systems are user friendly 100% reliable and all come with free on going support. Live direct information at your finger tips. 

We will teach you or a family member how to operate the new cctv camera system, we are always at the end of the phone.

"Its time to take advantage of this new technology, its time to think smart"